Teacher Education Leaders

AICU Rhode Island works with Teacher Education Leaders from six of the eight member institutions that operate Teacher Education Programs on issues regarding state and federal program requirements and regulations.

Committee members:

  • Brown University
    Diane Silva Pimentel, Director of Teacher Education and Science Education
    Carin Algava, Assistant Director of Teacher Education
  • Johnson & Wales University
    Karen Swoboda, Director of Teacher Education 
  • Providence College
    Brian McCadden, Dean of the School of Professional Studies 
  • Rhode Island School of Design
    Paul Sproll, Professor, Head of the Department of Teaching & Learning in Art & Design 
  • Roger Williams University
    Kelly Donnell, Dean of the School of Education
    Denise Boule, Director of Partnerships and Field Experiences
  • Salve Regina University
    Jennifer Booth, Lecturer and Chairwoman, Department of Education